Port Chalmers Cabin near Cordova

To explore an area without all the hassles of city life, one of the best places to visit is Port Chalmers Cabin. This remote site offers hiking at your doorstep, with access to fishing and hunting just a short hike away. Wildlife viewing opportunities are also available in this scenic setting. However visitors must plan their own transportation and safety arrangements. They must also bring their own amenities.

Fishing at Port Chalmers

There are three types of salmon present in the area, pink, chum, and coho. Pink salmon spawn in the small streams around the cabin; chum and pink salmon can be found in Chalmers River, but rockfish and halibut can only be caught in kelp beds or on the rocky bottom of the bay outside the bay. This year, hunters on the island and in the surrounding Chugach national forest can take advantage of a long hunting season. There’s a bear season in the spring and fall, as well as deer season from late summer to late fall.

What are the facilities like at Chalmers Cabin?

The cabin can sleep six people, has no mattresses and has many amenities. Guests must bring their own water, food, sleeping bags, pads, cut firewood, cooking gear/utensils, light source and extra supplies. No running water and electricity are available in the cabin.

About Montague Island

Montague Island is a small, remote region within the Gulf of Alaska that borders the Pacific Ocean. The cabin is positioned at the edge of a woodland-like forest with large marshes and low hills in its distance. There is an abundance of wildlife in the area. This includes migratory waterfowl, Sitka black-tail deer, and brown bears (learn more about safety around bears).

The best attractions nearby

The cabin is located within the Chugach National Forest, but some of the land on Montegue Island is owned by the Chugach Alaska Corporation. If you would like to go to these lands, please contact the Cordova Ranger District at (907) 424-7661 for a detailed map of land ownership in the area. The cabin is reached by float plane or boat. The easiest access to the cabin is during high tide.

Considerations for your visit

Preparation during a trip will vary depending on time and season. Inclement weather can cause an extension of your trip and winter access may be difficult due to snow and ice. Always bring extra supplies for 2-5 days including water to boil five minutes before drinking. Bringing a cooking stove is recommended. You can also contact the U.S Forest Service for more detailed safety precautions. Guests can contact the Cordova Ranger District at 907-424-7661 for more information on winter access to the area. Enhancement on bookmarking