Parry Peak Campground

Parry Peak Campground is a first-come, first-served campground located in a shady lodgepole pine and aspenforest along the whitewaters of Lake Creek. This campground is a favorite amongst anglers with a spectacular view of Parry Peak. Access to the Continental Divide Trail is just down the road. Firewood is available for sale at the host site.

High altitude sickness may occur at this altitude.

NOTE:  Currently there is no water available in this campground. Campers may get water at Twin Peaks Campground located about one mile west on Hwy 82.

Please click the link for Maps of the Twin Lakes Campgrounds

During the 2020 season, water will be unavailable at this campground. Please bring water for your camp, including enough water to completely drown your fire, leaving it cold to the touch, if you are having a campfire.

From Leadville, go 15 miles south on US 24, then west on CO 82 past Twin Lakes Reservoir andTwin Lakes Village.