Mammoth Cave Backcountry Camping


Mammoth Cave National Park encompasses 52,830 acres in south central Kentucky and protects the diverse geological, biological and historical features associated with the longest known cave in the world. Back-country camping is one of the many outdoor pleasures that visitors enjoy. There are 13 designated peaceful and scenic backcountry campsites.  

Please Note: There is a $10.00 Non Refundable Reservation Fee Regardless of number of nights booked.


The parks backcountry, 37 square miles of this rugged, inviting landscape await you along more than 66 miles of trails, and the winding turns of the Green and Nolin Rivers. Popular activities include hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, canoeing and kayaking, birding, and photography.


Mammoth Cave Backcountry Camping is not a physical campground located at one location. the 13 designated sites are located within the north side of Mammoth Cave National Park where you hike to the reserved site. This is primitive, backcountry camping in tents. Visitors must park at a designated trailhead and backpack to all locations and carry all of their gear, food and water. Campsites are equipped with a campfire ring and tent pad.  

Natural Features

Backcountry camping offers opportunities to find solitude and appreciate the beauty and diversity of Mammoth Cave National Park’s rugged hills, majestic woodlands, and scenic rivers. Soluble limestone, sinkholes, sinking streams and cave create a landform called Karst Topography.

Nearby Attractions

Nearly 30 miles of the Green and Nolin rivers offer canoeing and boating through the park. Commercial outfitters outside the park rent canoes, kayaks and safety equipment.

Most trails north of the Green River are open for horseback riding. Commercial liveries outside the park rent horses and some may provide organized excursions.

Mammoth Cave offers tours, check the park website for schedules and reservations.

Charges & Cancellations

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