The Lone Cone Cabin is a great destination for an overnight getaway or a week-long hunting trip. Located just 24 miles from Norwood, Colorado, the facility can be accessed in the summer and fall by passenger vehicle or 4WD, depending on conditions.


It is just a short walk to the Lone Cone Trailhead where hikers and equestrians can gain access to the Lizard Head Wilderness. The cabin is within the heart of quality big game hunting terrain. Off-highway vehicle enthusiasts will find a large network of forest roads to ride.

Summer: The large meadow surrounding the cabin is ideal for family gatherings and weddings. Additional mountain biking, motorcycling, hiking, equestrian and fishing opportunities can be found right out the door of the cabin or by driving just 15-20 miles to the Woods Lake Recreation Area or to Miramonte Reservoir State Wildlife Area. Opportunities abound for mushroom-picking and watching wildlife.


The cabin is equipped with a refrigerator, electric oven/range, a woodstove and firewood, cleaning supplies, cookware, dishes and utensils. There are two bedrooms with a total of seven twin beds/mattresses and a double sleeper couch. The cabin has one flush toilet; otherwise there is no other water supplied to the cabin. It is important that visitors bring all of the water they will need for their entire stay (e.g. for drinking, cooking, personal hygiene, and cabin cleaning) because the water will be shut off to the kitchen and to the shower. A horse corral with feed bunk and water trough is provided 150 yards south of the cabin. You must bring your own certified weed-free hay.
In addition to bringing water; bring food, bedding, warm clothing, toilet paper, flashlights, towels and toiletries.

Natural Features

The cabin sits in a large secluded meadow at 9,200 feet elevation, surrounded by an aspen and spruce forest. Guests will have an excellent view of Colorado sunsets and the Lone Cone Peak from the front porch.


For local information, please call (970) 327-4261 or call (970) 729-2307 for general information.Summer – Fall: From Norwood, drive 1.3 miles east on Highway 145, turn right onto County Road 44ZS, and proceed 12 miles. Turn left onto County Road M44, proceed 2.5 miles. Turn right onto County Road 46M/Forest Road 611, proceed about 8.5 miles. Road forks. Take the left fork onto Forest Road 618. Proceed about 1/2 mile, then turn right at the Lone Cone Cabin sign and drive 1/4 mile to the cabin. The road gate into the cabin may be closed but will not be locked. Please keep the gate closed so that cattle do not enter the fenced area around the cabin.970-327-4261kpeckham@fs.fed.uskpeckham@fs.fed.us