Little Shaheen Cabin offers guests recreation, relaxation and a unique wilderness lodging

experience in the central part of Admiralty Island in the Tongass National Forest. The remote site

offers a scenic setting for hiking, fishing, canoeing and wildlife viewing, all within the vicinity of the


This is one of three cabins on Hasselborg Lake, which is seven miles long and part of the Admiralty Island Canoe Route.

Access to the cabin is float plane or canoe with portage. Visitors are responsible for their own

travel arrangements and safety and must bring several of their own amenities.


Anglers will find Hasselborg Lake to be a scenic setting for catching cutthroat trout, Dolly Varden

and kokanee salmon. Visitors are welcome to use the skiff with oars available at the cabin and may

choose to bring a small outboard motor. The motor must be less than 10 horsepower due to

wilderness regulations, and visitors are responsible for bringing and using personal floatation

devices. The lake is normally ice-free from mid-May through November.

Several primitive trails extend from the cabin into the forest. Big Shaheen cabin is close by,

connected by a 100 yard trail. Trails accessible by boat from Hasselborg Lake go to Lake Guerin,

Beaver Lake, Lake McKinney and Hasselborg River. Lake Guerin and Beaver Lake are on the

Admiralty Island Canoe Route, offering guests access to pristine wilderness settings.


The cabin is a primitive, pre-cut cedar log cabin in pan-abode

style, furnished with wooden bunkbeds without mattresses that sleep up to six guests. The

cabin is equipped with a table, benches, a cooking counter, an oil stove for heat, a broom and an

outside toilet.

The cabin does not have running water or electricity, and visitors must bring their own food, water,

sleeping bags, sleeping pads, cook stoves, matches, cooking gear/utensils, light source, #1 stove

oil, toilet paper, first aid kit and garbage bags. Water from any natural site must be filtered, boiled

or chemically treated before drinking.

Guests should bring #1 heating oil (kerosene) to fuel the stove. The stove will burn half a gallon in eight

hours at the lowest setting, and up to 1.2 gallons during eight hours at the highest setting. A flash light

is handy for looking into the burn chamber when lighting the stove. Detailed

directions with photos on how to light the stove are provided in the cabin.

Click here for more cabin details.

Natural Features

The cabin is situated under a canopy of an old growth forest of spruce

and hemlock at an elevation of 300 feet, at the edge of scenic Hasselborg Lake.

The Kootznoowoo Wilderness encompasses nearly a million acres of

Admiralty Island. Dense spruce and hemlock forests, glacier-fed streams, lakes and muskeg

openings define the landscape, while rocky peaks tower along the island’s high crest, reaching

elevations of more than 3,000 feet.

Wildlife in the area abounds. Sitka black-tailed deer find habitat in the dense forest and bald eagles

perch in treetops along most beaches. Brown bear frequent the area as well. Learn more about bear safety in the Tongass National Forest.

Nearby Attractions

Admiralty Island has a rich cultural heritage, which is evident in the traditional native village of

Angoon, the island’s only permanent settlement.Access to the cabin is by float plane or canoe with portage. It is about a 45-minute flight from

Juneau. By canoe and portage, it is about 10 miles from Mole Harbor. Click here for

for information about Admiralty Island Canoe Route and portage. This cabin is in a designated

Wilderness area, and access by helicopter is illegal. In fall, winter and early spring, the cabin may

be inaccessible due to frozen lake surface (float planes cannot land). Refer to USGS topographic map Sitka C-1, C-2. Click here for information

about reaching Forest Service Cabins.

Inclement weather conditions may cause an extension of your trip during any time of the year and

winter access can be difficult due to snow and ice conditions. Visitors should bring extra supplies

to last 2-5 days. Please contact the Admiralty Island National Monument at 907-586-8800 prior to arrival for more

detailed information about safety precautions.Only one change per reservation for all Alaska cabins is allowed. Change is defined as a

modification to the start or end date of the reservation; after one change has been made, if

additional changes are desired, the customer must cancel the current reservation and re-book the

new dates.907-586-8800N

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