KOA stands for Campgrounds of America

KOA Campgrounds: Everything you Need to Know About Your Stay

KOA is short for Kampgrounds of America, a group of almost franchised 500 campsites around the United States and Canada. Each campsite is different with each one owned by different hosts or families.

Some are located near state parks, but almost all are conveniently located off a major roads allowing access to anyone traveling. Almost all allow pets and offer dog parks. KOAs also offer guided seasonal activities and cater to each family member needs.

Types of KOAs

There are three types of KOAs. Each have their own set of amenities but all of them offer RV sites, bathrooms, showers and most offer tent sites as well. The types of KOAs are Journey, Holiday and Resort.

KOA Lodging

RV Sites

These are available in unit length from 10 feet to 99 feet long with varying levels of hookup options. Some campgrounds offer the exclusive KOA PATIO which offers a fire feature and plenty of seating for you. KOA staff is available to help guide you into your site if needed, just mention it when you book.

koa rv site

KOA campsite tent

These are offered at all almost all KOA and nearly all KOAs offer. They’ll have a picnic table, and some have a swing as well. Fire features are standard. Perfect for submersion into nature without the critters this offers the perfect setup for large groups wanting to hang out.

KOA Cabins

koa campgrounds

Cabins are available to rent at KOA campgrounds. Depending on the location you will have choice of amenities in these types of cabins.

Camping Cabin

These cabins will have a bed along with a bunk bed, but no bathroom or a kitchen. Some will offer a microwave or a small fridge or both. They have electricity inside and window units for heat and air conditioning. A fire feature and/ or a grill is included. Some camping cabins are spacious two room set ups.

koa cabin

Deluxe Cabin

Deluxe cabins vary in size but most, if not all, offer a bathroom and a shower inside. Some have a full kitchen and all of the cooking utensils you’ll need to cook meals in the cabin. They may feature a gas grill for outdoor cooking.

burkburnett koa

Deluxe cabins have separate bedrooms or a loft area loft above the living room that is perfect for the smaller kids to have their own space. The deluxe cabin has a large porch or deck for sitting outside and perfect for watching sunrises and sunsets.


These are the most basic of the Kampground of Americas but pack a ton of amenities still! You can still get cabins here for families of different sizes and almost always have a fire feature, and somewhere to sit outside. They are sometimes located between major destination cities, a great place to stop while traveling. Tent sites around $30 dollars a night, cabins with no bathroom but located near facilities will start at $55 , and deluxe cabins start right at $100. RV sites begin around $50 dollars.


There will be upgraded with Deluxe Cabins and you will find spacious patio sites for the RV lovers out there. The amenities will be upgraded here as well, and you will find these campgrounds are perfect for those looking for options for the family at major destination cities. These are great for setting up base camp while you explore the city! Prices for tent sites remain about the same but you will find larger cabins here that usually are all priced around $125 and above. You can find cabins that sleep up to eight people so families traveling together will enjoy a great bargain! For all of you RV lovers you can get access to the exclusive KOA PATIO that will start around $95.

San Diego KOA


These live up to their moniker as a true luxury stay. These campgrounds are destinations of their own. You won’t have to leave the KOA to find world class amenities such as restaurants on site, coffee shops, gyms and basketball/ tennis courts. Offering the most upgraded of cabins and RV sites, make sure to book these quickly as they go fast! The cabins will offer larger cabins with the KOA patio, Keurig coffee makers, along with full size kitchens for you camp chefs out there.

The KOAs I’ve stayed at have each had their own charm and set of amenities. One thing they have all has is comfort and security. You will not find the bugs and critters at the Kampgound of America but are still be able to enjoy fantastic views and get your fire going and even hike a bit. Your family will appreciate the amenities and your wallet will appreciate the value.

How much do KOA campgrounds cost?

Campsites vary in price and are available in tent sites, RV, and Cabins of varying size limitations. Plan to spend anywhere between $30-$190 on average. Download the KOA app for Android or IOS or visit KOA.com to visit each individual campsite and they have a streamlined booking process. All fees and access to the amenities will be included in the site price unless otherwise stated.

Do KOA have showers?

YES! They are typically centrally located on the campsites and are some of the cleanest I have ever seen . They offer complete privacy and are similar to the ones offered in your local gym at home. In the cabins there are full baths offered with plenty of space for toiletries.

How many KOA campgrounds are there?

There are nearly 500 KOAs in North America stretching from coast to coast and into Canada and almost to Mexico.

How do I find my KOA directory?

The best way to find the directory is to go to KOA.com and look at the digital version of the the catalog of KOA locations. You can also go to any KOA campgrounds and pick up a paper copy of the this catalog.

Where is the largest Kampgrounds of America campground?

Okeechobee KOA – locates in Florida , this campground has a ton of amenities and is listed as a KOA Resort

What discounts does KOA offer?

They vary between campsites , but there are many deals to be had throughout the season. The KOA Value Kard is a fantastic program.

Does KOA campgrounds give military discounts?

KOA campgrounds offer a military discount that varies based on location. The discount can entitle veterans and active duty military to 7.5% – 15% off their camping experience.

Does KOA have AAA discounts?

At this time KOA does not offer a AAA discount.
Is a KOA membership worth it? The Value card pays for itself in savings after just a few trips , with the man feature saving you 10% on each stay.

Can you drink alcohol at a KOA?

The simple answer is yes but please enjoy responsibly. Glass is not allowed at pools , and public intoxication is prohibited. No one will bother you if you’re in your own site having an adult beverage by the fire.

Can anyone stay at KOA Campgrounds?

Yes! KOA welcomes families of various sizes and also solo travelers as well. You’ll find a variety of sites that meet your needs at any KOA. The staff are very friendly and welcoming and I have found the campers are very friendly and half of the fun of camping has been meeting new people. If you want privacy that is OK too , but everyone is welcome at a KOA

What time can you check in at KOA campgrounds?

This varies between locations but anywhere between 12 pm and 3pm. Check the website of the Kampgrounds of America you are staying with to see the specific check-in times for the location you are staying at.

Can you cancel KOA reservation?

Absolutely , life happens and KOA is very understanding. When making your reservation check on the specific cancellation policy of the campsite you stay at.

Who started KOA?

KOA was founded in 1962 in Billings, Montana by businessmen Dave Drum, John Wallace and 2 other partners. The initial Kampgrounds of America had basic amenities for road weary travelers offering a basic shower , restroom and a small store. The tent sites had a fire ring and some had a picnic table as well. By the end of the 1969 camping season, KOA had 262 campgrounds in operation across the U.S. By 1972, 10 years after KOA’s creation, KOA had 600 franchise campgrounds.

Do you need a membership for KOA Campgrounds?

No membership is required to stay at KOA. They accept reservations like any other hotel or campgrounds.

What are the benefits of a KOA membership?

  • 10%* off your daily registration rate
  • Rewards points that accumulate for cash off future stays
  • Free** night of camping during Value Kard Rewards Appreciation Weekend

How much is an annual Kampgrounds of America membership?

The annual membership fee is currently listed at $33 , a great deal!

Is a KOA membership worth it?

Yes! It definitely pays for itself after a few adventures

Does KOA Campgrounds charge monthly?

You can arrange to stay for extended periods of time at most KOA , please contact the Kampgrounds of America to get more info.

How much does it cost to stay at a KOA campground? The price varies between which site you prefer to stay at . You can spend as little as $35 dollars a night for a basic tent site or $185 for a deluxe cabin with amenities similar to ones you find in your home.

Are KOA campgrounds open year round?

Most are , but some are closed to due to weather conditions of the local area. Be sure to check the Kampgrounds of America website to gather further information of th specific campsite you want to stay at.

How late can you check into a KOA campground?

This varies between campsites , be sure to include this info when booking and the KOA owner will make a note of it and make special arrangements for your arrival. Most owners live onsite so can be available 24 hours a day.

What does quiet time mean at a campground?

Quiet times mean that outside of your campsite you will keep noise to a level that does not disturb other campers.

How long can you stay in a KOA campground?

Each individual Kampgrounds of America has different limitations on stays. Please contact the KOA you are intersted in staying for further details.

Are golf carts allowed at KOA campgrounds?

Absolutely! Golf carts are welcome! There is a $10 per day fee charged for guests who bring their own golf cart or guests can rent a golf cart when they get here. ATVs and mini-bikes are not allowed. Road legal motorcycles are restricted to directly entering and leaving the campground only

Do KOA campgrounds have showers?

Each campsite is just a quick walk to the bathrooms and showers. They are cleaned regularly, so you can enjoy these facilities no matter the season. At KOA, you don’t have to give up all the luxuries of home just because you choose to tent camp. KOA Campgrounds offer hot showers to all tent campers.

Are dogs allowed at KOA campgrounds? Yes and the Kampgrounds of America has built dog parks at their campsites so you can bring your best friend along as you explore. Dogs are allowed but must be kept on a leash at all times outside of the campsite. They are not allowed in pool areas.

How do I find my KOA directory? Simply log into the KOA website at www.koa.com or download the app on the Google play store or the Apple Store.

Does KOA allow pets in cabins?

Call ahead. Check with the campground about its specific pet policies. Some don’t allow pets in Cabins, for example, or may have limited pet units. Others don’t accept particular breeds that insurance providers have identified as having a history of aggression.

Do you need a membership for KOA Campgrounds?

No membership is required but KOA offers a Value Kard Membership which offers discounts on your KOA stays and you accumulate points throughout your stays. You begin at Base and progress through Bonus and VIP, each with its own perks One awesome perk is the Value Kard Rewards Appreciation Weekend where you stay on a Friday night and stay for free on Saturday on the selected weekend.

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