Green Island Cabin offers guests a remote lodging experience in the Chugach National Forest. Situated on

the northwest side of Green Island, the cabin offers guests year-round recreation and relaxation. Fishing,

hunting and wildlife viewing are available within the area.

Access to the cabin is by float plane or boat. Visitors are responsible for their own travel

arrangements and safety, and must bring several of their own amenities. This facility is wheelchair-accessible.


Anglers will find several creeks flowing into the bay. In mid-July, pink salmon spawn in most of the little

creeks, and coho arrive in August. Some of the lakes in the area have good-sized cutthroat trout and Dolly Varden. Fishing for halibut and

rockfish in the nearby ocean waters is accessible with a boat.

Hunters can take advantage of a long hunting season on the island. Sitka black-tailed deer can be challenging

to hunt, but worth traversing the terrain.


The cabin is 16-by-20 and fully wheelchair-accessible. It is furnished with wooden bunks that sleep up to six guests. Other amenities include a table, benches, wood
and oil stoves for heat, a rainwater catchment barrel, axe, splitting maul, saw and an outdoor pit toilet.

The cabin does not have running water, electricity, cut firewood or heating oil. Visitors must bring their own water for drinking, cooking and washing, as well as
#1 stove oil for the oil stove.

Visitors must bring food, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, a cook stove, matches, cooking gear, lanterns or flashlights, toilet paper, a first aid kit and garbage bags.
All trash and food must be packed out, and visitors are expected to clean the cabin before leaving.

Natural Features

The cabin is located on Green Island between Gibbon Anchorage (a shallow bay) and Prince William Sound.

The surrounding terrain is a spruce and hemlock forest with boggy muskeg openings. Wildlife in the area abounds, including migratory waterfowl and Sitka black-tailed deer.

The beaches on the Prince William Sound shoreline offer expansive views of the water and surrounding

mountains. Occasionally, humpback and killer whales can be seen spouting offshore. Sea otters and other

sea mammals are in the area as well.The cabin is located on the northwest end of Green Island in Gibbon Anchorage. It is accessible via float plane

(40 minutes from Cordova, 60 minutes from Seward) or boat (75 miles from Cordova, 70 miles from Whittier,

100 miles from Seward). Boaters should use caution and watch for uncharted rocks in this area. Click here for local tide


Inclement weather conditions may cause an extension of your trip during any time of the year and winter

access can be difficult due to snow and ice conditions. Guests should bring extra supplies to last 2-5 days

Please contact the Cordova Ranger District at (907) 424-7661 prior to arrival for more detailed information

about safety precautions.Only one change per reservation for all Alaska cabins is allowed. Change is defined as a modification to the

start or end date of the reservation; after one change has been made, if additional changes are desired, the

customer must cancel the current reservation and re-book the new dates.1 (907) 424-7661N