Elkhorn Valley and Canyon Creek Recreation Sites are closed. The Bureau of Land Management has confirmed that Elkhorn Valley and Canyon Creek were heavily damaged by wildfire. For additional fire closures and restrictions within the Northwest Oregon District, visit https://www.blm.gov/programs/public-safety-and-fire/fire-and-aviation/regional-info/oregon-washington/fire-restrictions



Natural Features

Nearby Attractions

Nearby you can visit North Fork County Park (Marion County), Canyon Creek Recreation Site (Bureau of Land Management), and Bear Creek Campground (Marion County). Along Forest Road 2209 in the Willamette National Forest visit Three Pools, Shady Cove, Opal Creek Wilderness, and Jawbone Flats. Fishermen’s Bend Recreation Site is a Bureau of Land Management campground and day-use site along Hwy 22 closer to Mill City where you can camp, picnic, hold events and gatherings, relax, cool off, fish and put in a non-motorized boat.

Charges & Cancellations

Standard fees apply and are non-refundable.

Visit https://www.recreation.gov/rules-reservation-policies for more information. 

From Salem: Take State Hwy 22 East for 24 approximately miles. Turn left on North Fork County Road. Elkhorn Valley is 8.5 miles up North Fork County Road. Traffic is high during the summer season. Please drive carefully. Be aware of slippery roads during wet and icy weather.503-897-2171N