Colorado River Primitive Camping Between Glen Canyon Dam and Lees Ferry

Along the fifteen mile stretch of the Colorado River between Glen Canyon Dam and Lees Ferry, there are five primitive beaches set aside for camping, marked with signs, on a first-come, first-served basis. Camping is permitted in these areas only, as they are provided with toilets and fire pits. These sites can only be accessed by small vessel. All campsites are located well above the river and require a short walk from your boat. This is to prevent camps from being damaged by high water releases.Lees Ferry is 42 miles (61 km) from Page via Hwy 89 south and Hwy 89A west. It is 85 miles (125 km) from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon via Hwy 89A and Hwy 67. The Lees Ferry Junction and Park Entrance is in Marble Canyon, just west of Navajo Bridge Interpretive Center. A paved road leads 5 miles (8 km) to the Ferry area. Use public launch ramp to access the river and motor or paddle to one of the

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