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Camping Risks During a Pandemic: Staying Safe While Away From Home

The coronavirus news and ongoing restrictions are taking their toll on everyone. However, the good news is camping risks are among the lowest, according to this Covid-19 risk chart below from the Texas Medical Association.

Let’s face it, most of you have been stuck at home for months, but you can get a change of scenery. If you’re yearning for fresh air and cozying up to a campfire, you can venture out to the great outdoors, provided you keep these things in mind.

Camping risks during the coronavirus pandemic are relatively low according to this chart from the Texas Medical association.

Texas Medical Association

Camping During Coronavirus CDC Rules

The Centers for Disease Control recommends that you do the following when going camping.

Visit Camping Areas and Parks Near You

Traveling long distances increases the chances that you’ll have to make a pit stop along the way, which makes sense.

If you have to fly during the pandemic, that opens up the risk of coming into contact with people and surfaces that could expose you to the coronavirus.

Luckily, there are so many cool campgrounds, KOAs and state parks nearby wherever you live, that you could probably drive an hour or less and feel like you’re thousands of miles from home. So stay close to home to keep camping risks as low as possible.

Check With the Park or Recreation Area Before You Go

When planning a trip to national, state, or local parks, remember that the federal, state or local authorities decide when and if facilities are open.

Check with the park before your trip to find out what areas or services are open. These amenities would include visitors’ centers, bathroom facilities, and concessions.

It’s also important to find out what you need to bring with you. For example, many KOAs are asking that you bring your own linens.

Social Distance and Avoid Crowds

Even though you’re likely to see people you don’t live with outside, stay at least 6 feet from them at all times. If the trail, fishing area, campgrounds, etc. are crowded, stay away.

Camping is a Low-Risk Activity

Despite having to follow the above guidelines, camping risks during the pandemic still fall in the lowest risk category and for good reason.

Most camping activities are done outside where the virus transmission seems to slow, according to the CDC. Also, it is easier to socially distance while outside. You can simply shift your camping chairs to spread out.

The wide open space of nature is a perfect setting for a safe and enjoyable trip by all.

What About KOA Camping Risks for COVID-19?

Since FamilyKamping focuses on KOA camping, we wanted to address camping risks at these campgrounds. We can’t tell you there will be zero camping risks when going to a KOA, but we can say the Kampgrounds of America are taking steps to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

If you travel to KOAs in your area, know that the independent owners are taking steps to make your stay an safe one. Each KOA wants to ensure that its campers are safe.

KOAs Have Increased Cleaning of High Traffic Areas

At the KOA, the first step they have taken is to decrease camping risks of coronavirus is to increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting public and high traffic areas.

The folks in the yellow shirts are doing a great job of staying vigilant to keep surfaces wiped at all times.

KOAs are following all of the recommendations by the World Health Organization and the CDC in order to keep their happy campers healthy campers. 

They have extended times between check out and check in times for all cabins to ensure that the cabins are exceptionally clean.

KOAs are making sure that each step they take is to ensure your and other campers safety. When booking your cabin, make sure to read all of the COVID – 19 Updates on the KOA booking site. Each campground will have its own COVID info on the main page and will outline any restrictions in place.

RV Check In

KOA has implemented a contactless check in procedure. This is meant to ensure that the campers are kept as safe as possible and to limit possible contact with COVID. 

When booking make sure to pay attention to the specific instructions on where to park upon entry into the campground. 

There will be signs when entering. If you have questions feel free to call the park ahead of time or when entering.

While Camping at the KOA

We have visited KOAs during the pandemic and can attest that KOA has done a fantastic job of ensuring that each camper stays safe.

They are forgoing access to some areas on the campground that will minimize the threat and provide you a safer environment during your stay.

The number of people in any common area are being limited. You’ll also have to comply with the 6 feet social distancing guidelines set forth by the CDC.

Don’t worry, though. Despite the covid protocols you can still enjoy some of the benefits of the campground. The priority is to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus. But your sense of well-being is also important. 

Be sure to use the hand sanitation stations at various points around the park, but soak in the change of scenery. 

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