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BALI OUTDOORS Wood Burning Fire Pit Review: Gather Around the Campfire at Home

One of the best things about camping is the campfire. Keep reading this fire pit review if you want to have the perfect campfire at home.

Having a fire pit at home can create that camping feel at home, but which one do you choose? The Bali Outdoors Fire Pit on Amazon is a solid choice. At under $200, it’s also budget friendly. In this campfire fire pit review we’ll go over the pros and cons and why this fire pit is pretty fantastic.

There’s Nothing Like a Great Campfire

I love the sounds the sights and the smells of a good campfire. Whether it’s warm weather or cold weather, I love lighting up a campfire and relaxing. Oh yeah and the campfire food — camping desserts are the best!

In Texas, fire pits are a backyard fixture. They are a gathering place for family and friends, where you can enjoy a campfire in the relatively mild winters. Not all homes have fireplaces, but an outdoor fire pit such as the one in this fire pit review solves that.

When I camp, lighting the fire is the first thing I do. My middle son is quite the expert at making the teepee style build every time. This technique, he has learned, results in a long-burning, even fire.

He learned how to make a great campfire during a survival course at his school.

Campgrounds Closed? Pandemic Woes? Get a Fire Pit

This winter was a challenge getting out to all of the campsites i wanted to. Of course camping in a pandemic is not ideal either. As a result, I researched ways to bring the campfire home to me. When the big box stores near my house did not have quite what I was looking for, I went online. Oh boy.

So Many Options, So Many Opinions

I spend alot of time and energy perusing through online fire pit reviews and gathering advice from friends who have fire pits.

My search took me to Amazon and the Bali Outdoors 32-inch fire pit. I had gotten a recommendation from a friend. In addition, this fire pit model is most like the campfire pit at the teepee at Rusk KOA.

I knew I wanted the larger fire pit because I wanted a fire that would burn a certain length of time. I also wanted to cook on the fire.

The Bali Outdoors Wood Burning Fire Pit, 32 Inch

Picture of people sitting around the campfire as part of this fire pit review, best fire pit,

Instead of getting a fire pit at Walmart or Lowes, I got the Bali fire pit on Amazon for under $200, with free shipping for Prime members. Above is a picture of the Family in FamilyKamping. Look at this beautiful family (and fire).

The metal fire pit arrived 4 days later and let me tell you, setting up the fire pit was a breeze.

In other words, if you can assemble a simple piece of furniture, then this will be easy for you. After about 30 minutes of assembly I brought the firepit to a location in my backyard that did not sit to close to the house and avoided any overhanging tree branched — per the instructions.

Bali Outdoor Fire Pit Features

One of the cool features of the Bali firepit is the Unique Log Rack. It’s a collapsible triangle frame rack that holds the logs for better ventilation, and provides plenty space for a lasting fire.

The poker and log rack are included in the box. after putting the rack in place I stacked three pieces of wood in a teepee formation and gathered my kindling. The Bali Outdoors fire pit also has the following features:

  • The wood burning fire pit has a large 24-inch inner bowl and a 18.7 inch heavy-duty attached fire pit cooking grate
  • Steel construction for an ultra-durable and long-lasting fire pit. It features a circular steel ring fixed on the four legs, to give it more stability.
  • This fire pit provides outdoor heating and grilling.
  • The grill of this wood burning fire pit swivels 360 degrees, adjusts up and down, make swing it left or right possible so you can cook your food easily. You can also remove the cooking grate

What’s in the Box Bali Outdoors Fire Pit

The Bali Outdoors fire pit weighs about 35 pounds, making it fairly portable. In the box you get:

  • 1 x large fire pit bowl
  • 1 x sturdy wood grate 
  • 1 x poker
  • 1 x log rack
  • 1 x height-adjustable swiveling cooking grill
  • -TIPS-
  • 1. Please do not move the heating grill by hand, use a poker to move. 
  • 2. Keeping the fire pit covered when not using it (cover sold separately).

Cons For the Bali Fire Pit

This is after all, a fire pit review so while the Bali is a great choice, it does have a few flaws. First, it does not come with a cover. We live in a dry area of the country, that’t never too far from an area burn ban.

So, it would have been nice to not have to worry about embers flying up and landing on the yard. While, we took every precaution to be fire safe, having a fire pit cover would have eased our minds.

Secondly, some other customers have said the bowl warped after a few uses. But so far, so good with ours.

Starting the Fire

Since this fire pit is similar to the ones at the KOAs I’ve visited, I started the fire in our Bali fire pit the same way. For kindling and to start the fire evenly, I use Frontier 192033 Tumbleweeds Fire Starters. They are also available in stores but also on Amazon as well. The box lasts me about 6 or 7 fires.

The starter is made from wooden wool, wax and poplar wood, and is a great natural fire starter. Within minutes I had a nice small fire going. I added my logs and a Duraflame log as well. I like the Duraflame log for consistency and the even burn, it always helps to have one log to keep the fire stoked..

Starting the fire pit review fire

This fire pit has a grate that attaches for use as a cooking surface as well. I did not cook this time, but look forward to using it in the future. The grill swivels 360 degrees, make swinging it left or right possible. The grill also adjusts up and down, fixed by screws. This will make adjusting the temperature as easy as a few quick movements. Bali recommends using the fire poker included for those adjustments.

Final Thoughts

My family and I enjoyed the fire for a few hours and as it died out I was able to put out the embers easily. There are small holes the allow for quick draining ensuring that the water doesn’t stay in the fire pit long avoiding long time rust.

After the embers had died I removed the remaining soot to ensure that the firepit stays in great condition through the years.